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Michelle (Ronan) Armstrong graduated from Pioneer Central School in 1980. She then went on to get her real estate broker’s license and worked closely with her mother’s firm, Wolfer Realty. Uponher mother (Gayle Sprague) purchasing a local restaurant, she then turned her attention to running the restaurant, the Yorkshire Inn. She was the manager ofthe Yorkshire Inn for 13 years, while raising two little boys. When herdaughter Kara was born, she changed careers altogether and joined her husband Terryin the power sports business in July of 1993. The couple purchased the company from Terry’s father Ken, who founded Pioneer Motorsport in 1966. Approaching her 26th year in the powersports industry, she has successfully (along with her husband) grown the business into a multi-million dollar (annually) company,while managing 25 full time employees. In the past several years, they spear headed a massive 18,000 square ft, the outcome being that the total building is just shy of 50,000 square ft. making Pioneer Motorsport the most premier dealership in all of New York State. They have successfully created a destination and this will be repeated with the Annex property, as this is another family venture involving her two daughter in laws. Michelle and Terry have also purchased, renovated and currently manage several rental properties in the area. In the past few years, Pioneer Motorsport has been awarded NYS State Snowmobile Dealer of the Year and International Snowmobile Dealer of the Year.Also have been named in the Power 50, which is the top 50 dealers in the country for the past 3 years, as well as placing 7th in the dealer top 100 in the country, and several local awards.


Stephane (Michalet) Armstrong a graduate Springville Griffith Institute in 2005. She then went on to Buffalo State College, graduating in 2009 with a Bachelors of Science in Social Work, immediately beginning her career. Serving the community has always been a passion of hers. After spending a decade with corporate America, she is excited for this opportunity to grow a new family business. She takes pride in supporting small businesses and her local community. Watching her husband through the years work in a family business has inspired her. He never seems to have a case of the “Monday’s”. They say if you enjoy what you do you never work a day in your life. There are different demands that come with family business but also much reward. The simple things are what bring her true joy and what really drives her.

She is a proud mother of two beautiful children. Having the opportunity to raise them surrounded by family is a true blessing. Being able to teach them that hard work, a kind heart and love will get them everything they need in life.


Samantha (Timkey) Armstrong is a native of the small ski town of Ellicottville, NY. After graduating from Ellicottville Central in 2005, she left her quiet community to attend Philadelphia University. She returned home after finishing college in 2008 to rejoin her family's business, The Boardroom Snowboard Shop. Her family is currently celebrating their 35th year, and as anyone who owns a small business knows, that is a HUGE accomplishment. She met her husband Chad in a classic 'right place, right time' moment, and they instantly clicked, each knowing the demands of being self employed and having a mutual understanding of their unconventional upbringings. Her years of working with people and building relationships has once again proven invaluable, and to say that she is excited to be part of this venture is an understatement. Family business is all she really knows, after all, and will be the first one to tell you that it's not just a business, but your livelihood. Although it presents challenges from time to time, there are very few people who could work with their parents, siblings, in laws, etc. But those who are lucky enough to do so? 'Going to work' is not in their vocabulary, and instead it's going to do what you love, with who you love. As parents, Sam and Chad can't wait to pass down the entrepreneur traits to their son. In the meantime, he will be helping them every step of the way, learning that hard work will get you everywhere you want to go.


Questions? We've got answers

How many people can I party with?

We can seat a total of 400 comfortably inside, 250 in the Wyoming Space and 150 in the Erie Space. We also have a covered back porch that is an extension of the Wyoming Space that can seat an additional 100 people.

What will we eat?

You choose your favorite caterer and we provide a plating kitchen for their use.

Do you provide any alcohol?

We hold the liquor license so you can choose from a variety packages that we offer.

Are tables and chairs included in the rental?

50 white folding chairs are available for your ceremony. X back chairs and round tables are included for amount of guests for your reception. Farmhouse tables are available to rent.

Are linens included in the rental?

Linens are not included in your rental, however, see vendor sheet for recommendations.

Who do we pair well with?

Check out our vendors page for a list of vendors that we personally have worked with and highly recommend.

What is the parking situation?

We have ample parking in a well lit, brand new lot so there won't be a race for spots!

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