Chad & Samatha Armstrong - Married August 20, 2016

Chad & Sam met in April of 2012 while she was tending bar on a random Wednesday. After trying two other places for lunch, Chad and Kyle (his brother) stumbled upon the only place in Ellicottville that was open. There were two other guys at the bar, and one happened to be Chad's good friend Barry. Once the introductions were made, they discovered that Chad had delivered a Polaris Ranger from Pioneer Motorsport to Sam's parents two years before. After a few months of making Sam wait, he finally asked her out. And although she almost cancelled their first date, it quickly became clear that they were destined for each other and the signs were too strong to ignore. In 11 short months, they planned the wedding of her Pinterest dreams (think backyard wedding on steroids) held on the site of what will be The Annex later this year. It was everything they could have imagined, but better - this is mostly thanks to their families who thought they were CRAZY but supported them anyway. Sam's dad Mike built the all of the props, Terry completely cleaned & emptied the brown barn, and Michelle and Jodie (Sam's mom) stopped at nothing to make sure the property was perfect. It was a LOT of work, but they were able to pull it off and it was breathtaking. Since then, Chad has continued to make Sam laugh every day and they are totally smitten with their two year old son, Hayes.

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