Elevations, schedules, site plans and more

We literally took a blueprint of a similar venue out of Ada, OH (seriously, the midwest hosts the most hospitable people in the country), chopped it up, and put it back together with Scotch tape. We had an idea of what we wanted, saw it in person, made A LOT of changes, and we finally were able to be happy with the interior layout. We also can thank our PM for this, Greg at Aurora Architectural. With his expertise and our demands, we were able to check off all the boxes. Although the site work is underway, we feel like we know this building like the back of our hands. Regarding every door, window, outlet, sink, etc - we have pored over these plans on a daily basis. We have learned all the things about infrastructure, storm water drainage, egress, soffits, wall mount faucets and so on. This journey has been incredible and we have only just begun!

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