Kyle and Stephane Armstrong - Married September 15, 2015

They were introduced by Sondra Payne at a mutual friends wedding on July 31, 2010. Kyle admittedly attended the wedding for the open bar and to spend time with Sondra's husband while she and Stephane were busy with bridesmaids duties. A memorable after party left the two as acquaintances, it was far from love at first sight for Stephane. But Kyle persisted and Stephane quickly realized that Kyle had stolen her heart. A memorable trip to the Dominican Republic tested the couple's compatibility. When returning home they realized they needed to take the next step in their relationship and move in together. It was in their first home that Kyle proposed to Stephane. The two married September 12, 2015. Two years later they were blessed with a little boy, and less than two years after a beautiful daughter.

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