Cole Building Solutions

Can we let you in on a secret? This idea was dead in the water last February. We had plans to buy a different property that housed a building that seemed suitable enough (with lots of potential and elbow grease), but for all the right reasons the sale fell through at the last minute. After the 4 of us sat down and discussed at length the viability of our Plan A, Terry suggested we try a different route. After a lot of back and forth with a big national company, we were introduced to the hardworking, honest, & incredibly reputable Cole Building Solutions. As fellow 'YES' people, we were instantly enamored with their business approach and 2 weeks after signing the contract with them they had building materials on the ground. They have since kept the train on the track with the building shell, despite all of the world being turned upside down with COVID-19.  We can't say enough about Jesse and his team, and they have truly been a breath of fresh air that we desperately needed. Again, we are firm believers that everything happens for a reason! 

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